Technology Mojosys

Advances in information technology — from computing to communications — played a crucial role in the creation of wealth and rise in quality of life in all countries in the twentieth century. With pressures on natural resources growing, any path towards higher living standards for the world’s poor depends partly on advances in appropriate technologies. Innovations across a range of fields, from energy to medicine to food production, are essential for poverty reduction. But information technology, broadly construed, remains the most likely area from which poor countries can learn from rich ones — and pioneer themselves.

Technology is what we breath in and out at Mojosys. Our experience with Mainframes to RPA is well known with our customers. The expertise with the team here not only lies with Enormous knowledge, but also deals with implementation

We are expertised with..
  • Microsoft Technology Suite
  • Android
  • Sales Force
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Full Stack Development
  • Java Enterprise Application Development